7 writers, 7 directors, 25 actors, designers, and musicians + 48 hours = 14 world premier plays
14/48 Leicester is the Leicester Satellite of “The world’s quickest theatre festival” in which 14 new plays are written, directed and performed within a 48 hour period. It is a ‘live brief’ networking opportunity, a new writing festival, theatre stripped back to it’s raw roots, and it is the most fun, challenging, and invigorating experience for both the artists and audiences that make it possible.

The festival relies on three things:
1. A community of professional artists willing to donate 48 hours of their time for free
2. The support of local venues and businesses
3. Beer

How does it work?

Early Thursday night:
After tapping the ceremonial 14/48 Keg, all the participants choose a theme by completing this sentence: “Theatre would be a lot more interesting if there were seven ten-minute plays about _____.” One answer is chosen at random and that becomes the theme for the following evening. Seven terrfied, excited, caffeinated writers must submit a brand new 10-minute play based on the theme by 8am Friday morning.

Friday morning:
Seven directors gather and each randomly draw one play. Thirty minutes later, the directors blindly choose actors and actresses’ names on slips of paper to cast the show.

That day:
The band shows up to provide music and sound, designers create all technical aspects of each show as the directors and their casts rehearse all day. Each play gets 20 minutes of tech rehearsal.

Friday evening:
The seven plays have their World Premiere at 8pm and Final Performance at 10:30pm. The 8pm audience provides the theme for Saturday’s show via a random drawing and the seven writers go home to start the process all over again to culminate with seven brand new scripts for Saturday evening at 8pm and 10:30pm, thus creating 14 plays in 48 hours.


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