14/48 ‘Saints and Sinners’

Synchronized swimmers without a pool

paper planes and a girl with wings

youthful hopes and aged despair

Thieves thieving from thieves

Saintly and sinister chefs

Jehovah and Saint Petra

and an automated service

of judgement from beyond!

Sadly we’ve come to the end of the fastest festival, another 7 great plays beautifully performed! Its been a great 48 hours I enjoyed it immensely, meeting new people, observing, learning, chatting!! and free pizza!! its been great!!!!!! Thanks everyone 🙂



Fourteen plays in two days

a randomly selected theme

from the quality street tin of dreams,

The writers get to work

Seven magic minds

creating seven 10 minute plays

Theme ‘Dangerous cravings’

Seven minds seven seeds

seven loosely based realities!

Seven directors chosen randomly

to turn written art into moving art!

Designers, tech support and musicians,

props, make up, lights, sounds,

its like sitting in the middle of a merry-go-round!

The first night a night of Dangerous cravings

Stories unfold to delight and entertain

A great evening divided into seven segments,

seven segments of wonder!

A pleasure cruise for the viewing mind

riding on waves of intrigue, comedy and suspense!

And then a new theme randomly selected

‘Saints and Sinners’

New seeds for the Writers

and for Directors, Actors, Designers,

Tech’s and Musicians a second day

of new plays born to be performed!

14/48 ‘Dangerous cravings’ performance.

WOW what can I say, I’m seriously impressed! If I hadn’t been witness to the process from the beginning I would have never believed that the actors had only had 1 day to rehearse for this evenings plays! I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to have been a small part of this wonderful festival!

7 completely different stories grew out of 1 theme title, It must have been really interesting for the writers to watched their plays through the interpretations of the Directors!

The Musicians, the designers and tech people did a wonderful job!

I’m just in awe of all these people that managed to create 70 minutes of great entertainment in just 1 day, and who are now going to do it all again today with a new theme!

The new theme is – Saints and Sinners.

14/48 rehearsals.

9-ish-am the writers brought in the scripts for their 10 minute plays to The Y Theatre, each script was placed into an envelope and the directors each chose a script at random, the actors were also chosen at random by placing their names into two bags, male and female. Then it was time for rehearsing to begin.

Photos – Groups Rehearsing.






All seemed very organised and surprisingly calm.


Musicians rehearsing.


View from the stage.


The Keg!

Lots of hard word going on, I’m looking forward to seeing the seven 10 minute plays this evening, also looking forward to finding out the Theme for tomorrows plays.

14/48, 14 plays to be written, rehearsed, directed and performed in 48 hours.

Just before 7.30 this evening I was at The Y Theatre ready to snoop for blogging, I was given a card with my name on, as was everybody who was supposed to be there! I watched the theatre quite quickly fill up lively excited people! We all put a theme suggestion for tomorrows plays into a quality street tin. We then all took our seats to listen to the humorous American voice of experiences explain what was going to be happening in the next few days with 1448. We each in turn stood to introduce ourselves, It was all very relaxed and laid back and the introduction to the keg of beer received the biggest applause 😉 The Theme was then picked out of the tin and is – Dangerous cravings! Ooooo!

Then all 7 of the writers went onto the stage to pick an envelope that told them which position in the line up their play would be and how many actor’s and of what gender they will be for the first 2 performances tomorrow evening, the first being at 8pm the second at 10pm. Im looking forward to watching the process progress.


Photo – The Writers on stage, and the back of a few peoples heads.