It’s all go here at The Y

Naomi calling in…
I was really amazed by the end of yesterday, I couldn’t fault any of the plays! I still can’t believe that the actors had less than one day to rehearse, the performance level was so high throughout the show! Really impressed – the hard work from the directors, actors, musicians and design team was projected through the performance.

Day 2

Smiles are beaming across actors faces as they finish their read through. I’m watching a group around a table…the writer and director have exchanged hugs.

Writer: I’m really excited
Director: I’m going to have fun!!

I wonder what the difference is between the director and writer with regards to their imagination when the script is being read aloud. It seems that most writers are pleased with their directors and cast, although I can imagine how nerve racking it would be to hand your play over and wait for the final production. I have just heard two writers comment that they need breakfast…I wonder how many hours sleep everyone has had! Day 2 excitement has only just begun…




I’m currently in the sports hall where not one but two plays are being rehearsed! My focus is shifting between the two diverse, exciting plays and I’m eager to keep hopping to either side of the curtain to view both of them – I’ll leave the excitement until later!

Actors have to use their imagination with regards to where they are, the props they use, the sounds (if there are any) they can hear and have to visualize the stage they will be performing on twice later today! The actors are really involved in their plays and it’s really inspiring to watch. So far the rehearsals are portraying lots of energy through strong performance. The development is EXTREMELY impressive, to think that I’m watching plays that have had less than 6 hour rehearsal time and they’re coming across brilliantly!

The rehearsals have really got me excited and I can’t wait for the performances later on!

I’m a 14/48 Virgin!

The theatre is extremely quiet compared to last night as the directors are studying their plays. The stage is dark and some of the directors are walking around the space using their imagination. The directors have one hour to overlook their scripts and start planning before rehearsals start. I wonder …what are their thought processes? An empty glass has been raised! Already in the am! This means one thing…a virgin needs to refill it with the keg. The Sean and Judy bags are staring at me from the stage and the room. Everything so far has caught my interest, it feels like I’m in a small creative bubble surrounded by talent – I love it!
I feel the excitement for the actors as they are waiting for their names to be pulled out of the bags…what plays will they be in? Who are will be their director? Everybody is still wooping and cheering, the energy is infectious!
And they’re off! There are two groups that have stayed behind in the theatre for their script read through and there are others in the bar area. The design team are currently making a HUGE list of props and the musicians are also setting up on their platform. Aside from the participators, the artist liaisons are at their table organising wonderfully! It’s really interesting to observe the different discussions happening for the various areas in the festival. Ooo..a musician has just arrived on his scooter! The creativity keeps surprising me!