Gender Neutral

So we’re one day away from the launch night of May 2017’s 14/48 Leicester, and we have something else to throw into the mix to make this festival even more interesting…

We’d been toying with the idea for a while based on some discussions with our American (and West Mids) counterparts and are pleased to announce that this festival will be gender neutral.

So, what the hell does that mean?

Well, each festival our writers are set a brief to write a 10 minute play, based on the theme that was pulled form a hat. The only other information they get, is where their play will fit in the running order, and the number of male and female actors they are writing for. But why… why do we give them a number of genders to write for? We don’t categorise the actors in any other way; race, sexuality, religion, so why gender? Well, let’s find out what happens… is it possible for our writers to create a ten minute piece of theatre overnight, without this piece of info? Will we end up with seven plays about amorphous sci-fi entities, will it prove difficult to form narrative without relying on some of the cliched stereotypes formed by the relationships between ‘men’ and ‘women’?

Personally, nah… I think it’ll be fine. Because I trust the creative process, and I’m a bit of a hippy; but the only way to find out is to do this thing and pull it apart afterwards. So, if you come to watch this weekend, and have an opinion on how our gender neutral experiment worked out. Give us a shout, comment on here, hit us up on twitter or facebook, and let’s see what we learn. Other than that, let’s make theatre, drink beer and have a good time.

Cheers. @bobchrister


I Buongustai are feeding our artists again!

We’re really pleased to announce that local independent foodies, I Buongustai, will be serving up a slice of their fantastic Italian Street food to feed our artists on Friday 6th May.

They’ll be launching a new menu too on Thursday 28th April, so head on down to 82 Granby Street to sample some of the food we’ll be tucking into on the 6th! We recommend the Polpettine!

14/48 Takeover is back Saturday 4th June

It’s 14/48 for all the family!

As part of The Spark Arts for children festival, 14/48 Leicester are giving 12 young writers the opportunity to create 4 short plays with the help of a team of professional writers. Across 4 days (Tuesday 31st May to Friday 3rd June – 10am to 3pm each day), the young writer’s creative skills will be stretched and developed through a series of fun exercises and activities. At the end of day 4, the 4 new plays created will be placed into sealed envelopes and selected at random by a team of professional theatre makers before staging them using the usual time-limited 14/48 process. Book a space now for just £40 for all 4 days, including lunch!

1448TO_writing 5In just 10 hours a team of professional directors, actors, designers, musicians and technicians will take the words of our young writers from page to stage, complete with set, costume, props and a live score. Staging our plays for a family-friendly 6:00pm performance on Saturday 4th June. Tickets are available at just £4 each, click here to visit The Y’s website for booking details.

All activity takes place at Leicester’s Y Theatre (located on East Street opposite Leicester Train Station) as the city’s oldest theatre continues to support the city’s newest work.


14/48 For Laughs!

14/48 For Laughs sees 4 short comic plays written, rehearsed and staged in just 24 hours as part of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival. Hosted by David Morgan (the latest co-host of ITV’s ‘I‘m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here NOW!) with support from a selection of Leicester’s finest stand-ups, the night throws quick fire challenges at our comedians alongside the speedily produced pieces of comic theatre.
“There is nothing like the energy, talent and unbounded creativity of 14/48. There is no other form of theatre that I look forward to more.”

Join us at 8pm on the 17th at The Y Theatre to see the results, and keep an eye out on our twitter feeds @1448leicester @1448uk for some behind the scenes action.

Buy your tickets from The Y’s website here…

Want 2 FREE tickets? Tweet us a theme @1448leicester to kick start proceedings using the hashtag #1448ThemesForLaughs if yours gets drawn, you’ll win 2 FREE tickets! See here for full details…

We’re also pleased to announce that the lovely Silvia and Massi at ‘I Buongustai’ will be feeding our artists with a selection of artisan Italian streetfood. Check them out on facebook here, or visit them in person at 82 Granby Street… we recommend the Calzoni!


Supported by Leicester Arts Festivals via Arts Council England.
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Theatre Anonymous is coming!

So 14 plays in 48 hours sounds crazy, yeah? Hows about rehearsing a full length play, without the cast ever meeting until they are on stage. In character. In front of a live audience.

As part of the Festival of Rugby, 14/48 UK are staging John Godber’s ‘Up N Under’ in just this way. It’s called Theatre Anonymous, and given the physical nature of the play (a rugby match is re-enacted in Act 2!) it’s going to be interesting.

Even better, tickets are FREE! That’s right… Leicester City Council have funded the event as part of a cultural programme for the Festival of Rugby, and they want to encourage both Leicester folk, and visitors to the city to come along to as many cultural experiences as possible.

Want to find out more? Head to

Hope to see you there!


We need you!

Seriously, if you can make this, do!Kids are welcome, and the plays our young writers have created have thrown up some of the most ambitious challenges we’ve faced here at 14/48 Leicester.

We have one show, and one show only at 6pm to do these writers proud. Be there.

Lighting the touch paper….

Our plays are reacing that crucial stage. It’s Saturday tech time, everyone’s tired, having been in festival mode for around 40+ hours now… Actors particularly might be starting to flag, having performed twice last night, and spending the last 6 hours rehearsing a new play, cramming new lines into their brains, and wanting to up the ante on the first day’s experience.

It’s the danger zone… the adrenaline is running low, the fatigue is running high, and you’re in desperate need of that final push to the Saturday 8pm performance, and the buzz created by that live experience.

Here at 14/48, we offer some simple advice: “If you’re feeling tired… Raise the m******f***ing stakes!”

I’m currently witnessing this in action in rehearsals for play 6, The Fire Queen, as actor James Kerr is going ‘full goblin’, treading the fine line between raising the stakes, and preserving his physical health for the performances this evening. I personally am starting to worry for the safety of his trousers…

Rodney!… Rodney!… Rodney!…

It’s amazing how random events can throw up similarities, moments of synchronisity that seem to contradict the expected patterns of randomness. Here at 14/48, we attribute this to “The 14/48 Gods”, who can indeed be a cruel bunch; matching writers with the director that they really hope they won’t work with all weekend, putting a virgin actor in the 2 hand play on the first night… those kinds of cruel twists of fate that just don’t seem to fit with our perceived idea of randomness.

Today has produced several of these moments already; actors working with each other on both the Friday and Saturday, directors pulling the same actors out of the ‘Shaun’ and ‘Judy’ bags, and weirdest of all… two 3 hand plays, rehearsing next door to each other in Soft Touch Arts new building, both written for the theme ‘Fireworks’, each with a character named ‘Rodney’… it’s almost like a call and response between the two casts in here, both trying to out-Rodney each other…. sounds painful…