14/48 Leicester at The Y Theatre, Leicester: Saturday 21st November – Play Number Seven: Bystanders

Today is the second day of The 14/48 Festival, The World’s Quickest Theatre Festival, at The Y Theatre, Leicester!

This evening you will see 7 new plays that have been written, rehearsed, designed, scored, lit and performed in just 24 hours!

Last night we picked the theme for this evening’s plays from suggestions submitted by our 8pm audience – the theme that was chosen was No Pain, No Gain!

The seventh and final No Pain, No Gain play this evening will be Bystanders by Kirsty Mealing which is being directed by Emily Breden!

The actors who will be performing Bystanders this evening will be Nicola Bellinger, Stacy Levy, Rebecca Newman, Doug Deans and Anthony Morgan!

We hope you can join us for Bystanders and the six other new plays being performed this evening, we have shows at 8pm and 10:30pm this evening!

For more info, please follow this link:


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