Make your damn plays..

14/48 Wolves is now underway, running away like a steam train rather than pootling along nicely..

Actors have been drawn, directors have their rehearsa ool spaces, conversations with bands and tech have been had..


And the Wolverhampton version of the actors hats are:

Dame Julie Andrews and Adrian Lester... Or should that be Leicester?!
Dame Julie Walters and Adrian Lester… Or should that be Leicester?!
"I need the entire 1D back catalogue, is that cool?"  "No, that is not cool."
“I need the entire 1D back catalogue, is that cool?”
“No, that is not cool.”

And lastly, despite being on blogging, I find myself firmly entrenched with The Love, Kitty and Aaron on the design team foraging at Gazebo Arts..

In The Pove's car collecting costumes and props from Gazebo Arts.
In The Pove’s car collecting costumes and props from Gazebo Arts.

And the most tantalising shopping list of all…

  • A paddling pool
  • A rocking chair
  • Chains and padlocks
  • Strawberry jelly
  • Medieval costume
  • A duster
  • A placenta
  • 3 adult nappies
  • A suit jacket
  • Post-apocalyptic set dressing
  • Knives and forks
  • A glass of whisky
  • 3 trainers
  • A green VW camper van
  • Binoculars
  • A snowy-topped mountain..

All for the 3:30pm tech runs..

Remind me why we do this again?!?!

Copy that!

Slight delay in script delivery due to technical difficulties but when The Pove says “Can you do 10 copies of each page…?”

Then you reply with “Yes ma’am!”

Directors are now discussing, designers are plotting and I just overheard “I might use the floor lights as the entrance to the vagina…”

Well, we always say Go Big Or Go Home… And it doesn’t get much bigger than that!

Next step… #ActorsDraw

Barking With The Big Wolves!

So half the family have travelled down to @neilreading ‘s stomping ground, Arena Theatre in Wolves! The Force Foxes are outnumbered maybe 2:1 but we couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome. Kit has got a beautiful stage to play with, Doug has got a grand piano to play on and the writers have got the theme of “Out of the Darkness” to playwrite about! The Directors and Actors at the Halls got the party started following a trip to ASDA.

Lots of collaboration happening..
Lots of collaboration happening..

And by collaboration, I mean drinking..

We’re especially pleased to have Kerri and @jodipaulwooster over from Seattle, cooing over the novelty of a plastic shopping bag.. until it struggled under the weight of all their wine purchases. Blagging “free” cups from the Seattle Coffee Co. was a home comfort though!

And we really do owe our thanks to Kerri who introduced 14/48 to @amychrister1 and this got the ball rolling.

Now we’re back in Wolves 10 years on, with Neil’s incarnation being SO NEIL, it’s untrue! Happily assisted by The Pove, Fran, John and many more.. the swag is excellent, the welcome was superb and the drinks are flowing..

Much love to our family who are missing tonight but welcome to all the new members!

Time for bed… Well, not for everyone… Good luck to @ivoryfishbone and all the other writers who will work through the night to create the scripts for our first night..

Alison starts to wade through her notes to select an idea for Out Of The Darkness!
Alison starts to wade through her notes to select an idea for Out Of The Darkness!