Rodney!… Rodney!… Rodney!…

It’s amazing how random events can throw up similarities, moments of synchronisity that seem to contradict the expected patterns of randomness. Here at 14/48, we attribute this to “The 14/48 Gods”, who can indeed be a cruel bunch; matching writers with the director that they really hope they won’t work with all weekend, putting a virgin actor in the 2 hand play on the first night… those kinds of cruel twists of fate that just don’t seem to fit with our perceived idea of randomness.

Today has produced several of these moments already; actors working with each other on both the Friday and Saturday, directors pulling the same actors out of the ‘Shaun’ and ‘Judy’ bags, and weirdest of all… two 3 hand plays, rehearsing next door to each other in Soft Touch Arts new building, both written for the theme ‘Fireworks’, each with a character named ‘Rodney’… it’s almost like a call and response between the two casts in here, both trying to out-Rodney each other…. sounds painful…

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