Artist announcement! Who’s barking with the big dogs in May?

Here it is! A list of lovely artists who are volunteering their time to make 14 plays in 48 hours this weekend… Join us on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th May to see what our collective efforts produce!
(Those marked with a * are Virgins, taking part in the festival in this discipline for the first time… be nice to them!)

Emily Breden
Stuart Reid
Jonny McClean
Alex Thompson
Kierann Shah
Rob Throup
Abby Grant
Lesley Emery
Kirsty Munro
James Kerr
Neil May
Lucy Hayward *
Julia Damassa *
Alison Beveridge *
Sophie Murray *
Matthew Barlow *
Fran Richards *
Joe Derrington *
Marcus Churchill *
Becky Wright *
Kirsty Mealing
Christian Alexander *
Anthony Morgan *
Nick Gale *
Allan Smith

Nathan Human
Neil Reading
Paul Rogers
Jess Richards *
Richard Jaques
Pamela Cole-Hudson *
Will Breden *

Hannah Torrance *
Louise Singleton
Michael O’Hara
Lucy Wade *
Gareth Morgan *
Matt Beams *
Emma Bamford *

The Band
Doug Deans
Akshay Sharma *
Les Hayden
Silvia de Sousa *
Joe Doyle *
Gemma Hextall
Olivia Deane *
Design team
Holly Clothier
Lucy Stevens
John Kirby
Jenny Cross
Lucy Ovenall
Kirsty Povey *
Sareena Rai *

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