Don’t tempt the 14/48 Gods

Don’t jinx it. Don’t tempt fate. Don’t upset the 14/48 gods.

This is Peter Duncan. He was on Blue Peter too.

You’ve written a beautiful drama piece set in one room, you’ve written an over the top sci-fi opera, you want to direct a funny slapstick, you want to act in a physical theatre piece, you want to design a Jacobean horror, you want to play the music to Home and Away…

…whatever it is, don’t tell anyone. Everyone wants to enjoy 14/48 and everyone wants to do the best they can in the best play that everyone else can offer. The temptation – especially after day one when you’ve seen what the creative team can offer – is to say “I really want that /writer/director/prop/song and it would be terrible if I got play number 1/a musical/ a large cast.”

BUT DON’T. The 14/48 gods will be waiting and like the Colonel (in joke, sorry) they will be looking down and passing judgement. And they will frown on you. IN CAPTIAL LETTERS.

As I write this (desperately wanting tea but having to make do with flat Fanta, the worst kind of Fanta) seven writers are battling with doubt monkeys about their plays. Their theme? “Good fences make for good neighbours”. Maybe they’ve seen something today that has inspired them or maybe their play today worked/failed for what they intended and it’s now sitting on their shoulder whispering flirty advice.

But today is gone. For better or for worse you shake it off and everyone starts afresh at 9am tomorrow when seven directors will plunge in like Peter Duncan in Flash Gordon, fearing the worst but hoping for the best.

The first night zipped by with a typically eclectic mix but with recurring themes of gay couples, songs, and sex. Seeing dancing sperm chasing an egg whilst a slightly crazed medical professional sings about insemination is a difficult image to dislodge but a quiet drama featuring a chaste love story in the early 20th century, a child version of The Doctor, and a fatal rivalry in an old people’s home all vied for your attention.

So really, you can’t afford to miss the second night. The 14/48 gods will be working their magic and the big dogs get on the porch and bark loud. Join us, you won’t regret it.

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