Overnight Writing

So we got a theme ‘Time To Harvest’ out of the hat. Had a meeting. Scared ourselves.
I got play #5. 4 women.
Not done no. 5 before but love writing women.
I’m not a fan of the ‘go with your first idea’ advice but as I swooped over the flyover on the drive home my idea landed in my head.
So I got home. Cup of tea. Cheese twist. Research. Notes. Writing.
It came out more easily than I expected.
I resisted that moment of thinking ‘This is crap. Start again.’ Stuck it out.
There seemed relatively little panicking on Twitter by co-writers.
Now I’m about to get out of bed & look at it again. Massively hoping I don’t find it IS crap.
Really excited to see the other bleary eyed writers bonded by peril.
Who is my director?
Who are my actors?
What will be for brekkie?
Key 14/48 questions.

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