It’s started…


I’ve never been to a school re-union but I tend to imagine the following:

1) Intense jealousy at that smug tit from Geography who has the mega job and family

2) Laughing at a teacher then finding they’ve died.

3) A really bad buffet

4) it not being as much fun as a 14/48 reunion.

Anyone that has ever met or endured my company will know I’m not prone to sunny whimsy or sentimental “awwwing” so you can take it as a genuine moment when I report that the start of 14/48 genuinely brings great joy.

Countless times last night as the whole creative team gathered at The Y you could hear people saying “it’s like coming home”, “OH MY GOD IT’S YOU!” and “It’s like getting back to family” as well as “when’s the keg being tapped?”

The theme was drawn – TIME TO HARVEST – and the 7 writers set to work writing 7 plays and this morning at 9am 7 directors did a lucky drip to get their script and then went to theatre for 10am to drawn out their cast. Some people have already taken advantage of the joy of the keg to give them a kick start to their process. The atmosphere is a mixture of excitement, tension, apprehension and energy. The virgins are quickly introduced and directors are a bees collecting the pollen of ideas and heading to their hive (rehearsal space) to make sweet honey plays.

There’s a buzz not just of friendship and camaraderie but a creative one as people take their scripts, suitcases, and ideas, knowing that for the next 48 odd hours they will be cracking on with doing what they love for no other reason than they love it. And there’s very little that can beat that feeling. Apart from a Virgin bringing you a fresh beer perhaps.

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