The big reveal – who’s taking part in November’s 14/48!

Here it is! A list of lovely artists who are volunteering their time to make 14 plays in 48 hours this weekend…
(Those marked with a * are Virgins, taking part in the festival in this discipline for the first time… be nice to them!)

Stuart Reid
Ishi Khan-Jackson
Kirsty Munro
Jessica Richards
Neil May
Lily Portman
Allan Smith
Sareena Rai
Jenni Smith
Lesley Emery
Pamela Cole-Hudson
Nick Palmer*
Rob Throup*
Kirtsy Mealing*
Pete Glover*
Philip Kingsley-Elton*
Kierann Shah*
Emma J Bamford
Alex Thompson*
Charlotte Parker*
Diani Gatenby Davies*
Abby Grant*
Georgina Elsom
Jacky Bingley*
Jonny McClean*
Amy Christer
Therese Collins*

Lindsay Warnes Carroll
Andy McWilliam
Pattie Miles
Bob Christer*
Charlotte Bond
Wenna Stockdale
Paul Rogers

Alison Dunne
Will Breden*
Tricia Bracher*
Jerry Kraft
Louise Singleton
Yve Martin*
Honor Flaherty*

The Band
Doug Deans
Gemma Hextall
Angel Puljung*
Les Hayden*
Haydn Johnson
Steve Escott

Daisy Edwards
Holly Clothier
Lucy Stevens
Lucy Ovenall*
John Kirby
Jenny Cross
Kylie North
Fern Chubb*
Hannah Torrance*

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