Today There Are Just Jobs To Do

Ok, so you know what happens at 14/48, you’re ready, you know not to tempt The 14/48 Gods, if you’re on the artistic team you’ll have received an update saying what actors should bring, what writers should think about… all those items of underwear are slightly disturbing …


1448 Leicester Festival- Play- 'Sins . . .'- Maria Bragoli photo Like this is we have to …

but seriously, there are other ways ….

We’d like you to spread the word, share the love ….

If you’re on Facebook, let all your friends know about 14/48 … link them to this blog, or to the Facebook group. Let them know how damn GOOD it all is!

Get them to book tickets.

If you’re on Twitter make sure you’re following @1448Leicester and respond to challenges and retweet!

And best of all remember is Word of Mouth, tell your mates, tell your mum, persuade them to come because we want as many people as possible to see how brilliant this festival is.

The buzz is already great around 14/48 this time. Let’s make it bigger and buzzier ….

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