‘Nobody Loses The Corkscrew’ A Virgin Actor & Writer’s View – William Breden

William Breden is a large and hairy presence who can usually be found lurking around the creative people of Leicester, despite their protests. He writes a bit and dabbles in most other things, as long as they can be done sitting down. He doesn’t have a process. He is a director of KLiC and is very good at leaving early. dsc_0602 Here is Will sitting under a tree with Shawn Belyea who came all the way from Seattle to take part in the second Leicester 14/48. They were in ‘Do We Not Bleed’ by Michael O’Hara on the Saturday night. Here’s what Will has to say about his involvement with 14/48: I was a virgin when I took to the stage earlier this year, roughly blurting the clever, funny lines created just hours before by slightly dazed looking writers. The audience responded warmly to all those on stage, there was a feeling both in the seats and in the wings that we were all in this together – like a party – except this wasn’t a family party where your Aunt tipsily remembers half of the macarena, NO this was like a party where everyone is pretty and charming and no one loses the corkscrew or gets off with their ex. This time round I’m a virgin again, which came as a shock to my wife. Writing is my lot and so I will be staying up all night (twice) trying to ensure a group of eager professionals aren’t left twiddling their thumbs. I can’t think of anything better. 14/48 is a party without a hangover. Come along in November, BYOB.

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