‘Miss That Chord Out, We’ll Just Play C’ – The Musician’s View, Steve Escott

The 14/48 Band is a raggle taggle bunch of musos who are thrust together and required to perform miracles. In some ways they’re the hardest working of anyone (he made me put that) because they’re working all day and then all through each evening.

The band are required to name themselves, to be in the building to work out music for the evening and to score each of the 7 shows each day and then perform at both shows on both nights. They set the tone, they help gee up the audience, they glue everything together. They’re quite the unsung heroes of 14/48 so share the band love!


Picture 8

Here is the view of musician Steve Escott who took part in the second 14/48 Leicester and will be leading the band in the November festival:

The band gets together at the Thursday meeting and figures out who is going to play what. On each day the directors come to us with their ideas and, after we’ve stopped laughing, we see what is possible and what we’ll be able to remember. We also have to learn a couple of songs for the opening and closing of the show and hope they don’t have too many chords in. It’s great if you have musicians who are willing to take risks and have a good time and work outside their comfort zone with an ‘I can play that!’ attitude. It’s a lot of fun, if hard work, it’s an adrenaline fuelled 48 hours but since I’m a bass player I’m a massive masochist… so 14/48 works for me.

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