Blind Panic and A Deadline – 3 Views from the Festival: Rob Gee, Tonia Sorrell, Lucy Phillips,

14/48 is a festival that brings together a huge number of creatives in a pressure cooker of play making, just as important as the plays are the folks who toil on the edge of panic for 48 behind the scenes and of course the audience … here are three short views from different corners of 14/48…

Rob Gee was one of the writers on the first 14/48 Leicester and memorably had one of his characters craving roadkill during pregnancy. Rob Gee is one of Leicester’s finest and funniest spoken word artists and is very popular in Canada. He can be found hanging around virtually here.


My experience of 1448 was pretty joyous, including the stress of staying up writing for two nights. It’s funny how nothing stirs the the creative process like blind panic and a deadline.

Tonia Sorrell was an audience member at 14/48. She is a singer and can be found gracing the stage in her band Rondo at Leicester’s most salubrious venues.

From my perspective as a member of Saturday’s audience the level of excitement in the room was incredible. There was a tangible buzz between the actors, writers and musicians which transmitted itself to everyone in the room. Even if you had walked into the Y that night unaware of the scale of the undertaking, you couldn’t fail to be caught up in the creative energy, and amazing quality of the performance. Can’t wait to experience it again.

The indefatigable Lucy Phillips is Head Honcho at Leicester Print Workshop. She can be found being relentlessly cheerful at 14/48 doing ‘Artist Liaison’ – a flexible position she refers to as ‘Hanger Onner’

As a non actor, non designer, non director, non writer etc etc I sit on the edges and sometimes immerse myself fully in 1448. I see it as a huge mass of making, doing, negotiation, collaboration, friendship, laughter, tears and tantrums that collectively forms an enormous ball of power that feeds Leicester’s creative soul!


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