Virgins! Get Me A Beer! – A Veteran Actor’s View, Lily Portman.

Lily Portman is a Veteran actress of 14/48 Leicester. She is former president of Leicester University Theatre, is a dab hand with gelato and has pet rats. She is ‘a small package of joy, talent and beauty’.

She would very much like you to have a look at her Vlog  


Lily about to finish off her husband Lewis Fernadez in David Parkin’s play ‘Hell Have No Fury’ a 14/48 play which was one of two chosen for the Inside Out Festival at Curve Leicester.

14/48 was and is one of the most fun things I have ever done and in the friendliest of atmospheres. Even as a virgin, my first time round I felt wholly welcomed and already felt amongst friends. Although the process is tough (especially as I was in two two-handers last time!…especially when your script reads NYEEEWEEEEEEWEW AAHHHHFMMMM, got to love tired writers!) I didn’t want it to end. Just being around such talented and creative people was a privilege and I’m fortunate that I get to spend the festival with like minded people. I’m already buzzing with excitement to find out November’s first theme! It is a thoroughly rewarding experience…I just can’t wait to get going in November! And to get the virgins to top my beer* up, that’s always a plus.

*One of the rules of 14/48 is that Virgins must replenish the glasses of Veterans from The Keg whenever required. As quickly as possible.

1448 Launch 034
The Keg

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