Halloween Special – 14/48 The Scary Bits …

The Theme. A moment of pure terror as the theme is drawn.

‘The Silence’ The moment you are in the scene and it goes silent and you’re all looking at each other to see who’s line it is…

Being 6 weeks pregnant and trying to hide it (as only close family knew) and opening my script on the second day to read the sentence at the top “Three women stand on the stage dressed in swimming costumes” or words to that effect…


Sitting in the wee small hours, on your own, imagining all those actors and directors and everyone cosy in their beds while YOU sit there staring at the blank page.

Being in the band and being asked to play ‘young music’

Clicking send on the email to Joanna that has your play attached and knowing it’s no good wishing you had more time …

The keg running out.

1448 Launch 023

Being told I had minus 7 minutes for tech…

Watching your director read through your play is murderously terrifying

The feeling that everything is going alright is mega scary. Like, what am I forgetting?

Daisy Edwards‘ glare.


Going into the theatre before the lights got put on and it was empty …


First sentence of the first script you see on the Friday includes the word “threesome”… First name out of the hat for said script… Yours…

Thinking you’re about to see Clive naked …


Sitting at my desk at 3am thinking ‘there isn’t going to be a script’

Creepy noises coming from underneath Steve’s foot …. Oh wait, they were just sound effects

When you have given all responsibility for costume to someone else and then getting an armful of clothes at 5pm and hoping they fit the actor.. I’m thinking of Allan Scotty Smith and those shorts or my size 9 trainers for size 4 feet!

The best thing, is that everything that scares you are the highlights. Wearing said shorts backwards, because they otherwise don’t fit, having them held together with a safety pin, thinking “glad these are backwards, because this pin won’t stay closed…”

Getting on stage to get your play position and number of characters is pretty scary. Particularly when you find out you’ve five characters and they’re ALL men …


Walking around town, running late to get back to rehearsal, thinking “I can’t find shoes” with a bag of shallots and grapefruit.

Looking into the big pot at lunchtime wondering what Paul Edkins has made?

The scary, experienced people from Seattle with their sexy foreignness… and those accents that mean every single thing they say sounds GREAT …

Stepping on a stage, knowing you really don’t know your lines well enough but having no option but to do it!

Finding a beautifully created set on stage but not knowing what will fall if you touch it by mistake

Getting to the keg and it being empty… my greatest fear.

Birdy 250
The Keg …


Thanks to all who contributed to The Scary Bits … it’s 2 weeks now until we can forge some new scary bits … see you there!





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