A Veteran Actor’s View – Charlotte Bond

Charlotte Bond took part in both previous 14/48 Leicester festivals. She is an actor, singer, ukulele player and cat lover and is a stalwart supporter of theatre in Leicester. Last year Charlotte was one of New Perspectives Emerging Perspectives Company. She describes herself as ‘The Patron Saint of the Y’

1974099_10152171727975965_7868065593981964105_oThis is Charlotte during the tech for Unjustly

Charlotte has this to say about her experiences with 14/48.

‘The thing that stays with me the most is the way it feels like a family gathering.. and that hasn’t come from the fact that this year will be my third 14/48. It was there from the very start, when I first sat in the theatre for the meeting on Thursday night, worried that I didn’t know anyone.. but I felt like I belonged. The Y has become our home, our castle.
When you arrive through those stall doors, you are already home and already adopted into the fold.

There is such a wide variety of personalities but it just seems to work – we all just get along and create something absolutely wonderful from just one idea. And the differing personalities mean that every mini-company formed for each play is absolutely unique and even one person changed would result in a completely different outcome. But the magic of 14/48 and the fact that everyone wants to be a part of it, means it just works.

It is the most flexible, challenging, nourishing creative process I’ve ever had the pleasure of being involved with and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.’

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