A Virgin Director’s View – Neil Reading

Neil Reading was a Virgin director at the second 1448 Leicester in March 2014. He is a theatre director and venue manager for University of Wolverhampton venues, Arena Theatre and The Hub, Walsall.

On the Friday Neil directed ‘Sins – There Are 7 And They’re Quite Deadly‘ by Veteran writer, Jayne Williams which starred Lily Portman and Kirsty Munro.

On the Saturday, Not All Superheroes Are Made This Way by Virgin writer, Roy McFarlane, starring Bob Christer, Jason Lock, Angel Puljung, Sareena Rai and Georgie Elsom.


Here’s what Neil has to say about popping his 1448 cherry:

“As a director who was a little out of practice 14/48 was an incredible way to sharpen up my skills ahead of a big project. The format means you have to make decisions very quickly and it reminds you of how important it is to trust your performers, your writer and, most importantly, your instincts. The festival is also a glorious celebration of the creative process and a must for anyone involved in the industry. There is also, the keg.”

1448 Launch 034The Keg

Watch this space for more 1448 Virgin & Veteran Views.

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