‘Are You Doing 1448?’

Yes! Three weeks today we’ll be gathering in the main house at The Y, picking up our Veteran or Virgin badges and feeling a wee bit nervous about all the things that are going to happen. Who will we end up working with? What will be the first theme?

There’s a great buzz about 1448 and this, the third time it will have happened in Leicester, means some of the connections will be solid and some brand new. There’s nothing like the crucible of 1448 to forge those new connections. Peril makes people bond and the sheer rollercoaster terror/exhilaration of the festival will do that to you.

The Y Waits

When I reflect on what’s happened since my first 1448, when I handed over my first oven fresh script to my first director, Nathan Human and it was cast with Amy Christer and Stuart Reid I’m amazed to think that these people have become friends and colleagues. Nathan and I are now directors of KLiC and Stuart’s been in another of my plays twice and brought the company he’s part of, Impulse Collective, to perform at our first KLiC Sunday.

Other people have become friends too and gone on to become part of what is feeling like an exciting and supportive creative theatre community in Leicester and beyond with our comradely tentacles stretching out to Blaggards in London, Gazebo Theatre in Bilston, Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton and Slung Low in Leeds. Not forgetting Leicester’s own pub theatre Upstairs at The Western, establishing itself more fully as the place to see new work.

I’ve been sensing that buzz starting already, bumping into people and hearing ‘Are you doing 1448?’ in coffee shops, bars and on the streets of Leicester.

And my own family are being steadily sucked into 1448. This time my other half (now husband!) Steve will be leading the house band (and we can only wonder what THAT will be called…) and my daughter Kit will be bringing her considerable Stage Management powers to bear on the proceedings.

Can’t wait …

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