All in a days hard work

2nd Day of the 14/48 festival, and sadly its the last day, but it shall not disappoint!


Today has been eventful, actors running around in costume getting ready for their 20 minutes on stage and dreaded that 5 minute beep that tells them there time is almost over and I was almost knocked out by a giant wet tree…These are the kind of exciting things that only this festival has to offer.



But so far we seen a lot of love in the air, crazy hair styles and ballroom dancing. “Feel the rhythm” Doug yelled out, some helpful advice to the performance as the practice their dance de l’amour. But going back to crazy, have you ever wondered what happens when you put WonderWoman, SuperWoman, Catwoman, Spartacus and Superman together? Well tonight that question will be answered!!


The range of plays we saw being practiced today will have are audience in awe.


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