The crazy creativeness of 14/48 Leicester


Well!!  So far today, I’ve seen leather seats on heads, have been accosted by two drunken hen partyers, listened to the musicians bonding over porno music and we’ve not even reached the tech rehearsals yet!

The amount of creativity is amazing.  The directors and actors are throwing themselves into the rehearsal process, embracing the ethos of 14/48.  We even have a little gender swapping, which may be a first!

Currently, seven tremendously different plays are being produced and rehearsed in seven completely different locations.  Utilising every space we have to hand, the actors and directors are using areas as diverse as the sports hall, a meeting room, a dressing room and what we affectionately call the Gold Fish Bowl.  The latter being a fantastic rehearsal space in the pedestrian gallery situated in the LCB Depot on Rutland Street.  Completely open to the public, passers by can sneakily view the rehearsals and get a taste of what will be performed later this evening.

The designers are busily running around Leicester fulfilling the prep and costume requests of the directors.  I caught them running out of the wardrobe department at the Curve, hands full!  They’ll never notice…


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