Tech Rehearsal

The technical rehearsal is in full swing!  It’s no easy task getting seven plays cued with lighting and sound.  However, Stage Manager Liz is cracking the whip and making sure it is running to time.  Well, almost!

I walked into the darkened theatre to find three actors on stage wearing bathrobes and the director shouting, “this is the condom bit”!  After hearing artist liaison Joanna Smith laughing dirtily in the corner, I was then confronted by “do you want to start doing the sex bit?”  Ooh-er-misses!

Two minutes later I realise that I haven’t walked onto a porno set and this is actually the first play.  Forty minutes later I’ve heard Gregorian chanting, the lighting technician talking about “shitty white blondes”, I think he meant the lights, and plates getting smashed!

It’s astonishing how one theme can produce seven completely different styles of plays.  They differ from simple lighting and lots of props to more minimalist theatre using lighting and sound to enhance the imagery.  I can’t wait to see the full performances!

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