“I have nothing to do”

As music that sounds suspiciously like it’s scoring a porn movie drifts by me and my cup of tea and filmmakers scurry about as cast members learn lines and directors eat sausage sandwiches and check their ideas and designers race about I am very aware that I am…doing nothing.

Absolutely nothing. As organised chaos ebbs and flows all around me and people are working and thinking and drawing energy from the theatre gods I am doing nothing more strenuous other than debate whether to have a hob nob or a chocolate digestive.

This time last year I was a director and sticking rigorously to my plan and having a rare old time with my cast (including a chicken and a pig) and liaising with the band and the design team.

This is giving me time to have relaxed chats with three of the directors – right now actually. Let me just ask them a question quickly, describe their play in one word:

Becci Hooper says her play is “Horny”
Paul Rogers says “deception”
Richard struggled for his one word. He had a paragraph. And then he changed his mind and then went for “shedding”.
And how confident are they feeling?
Richard is feeling “depressingly mediocre”
Paul is “distinctly anxious”
And Becci? “Horny”.

1448 8

There you go. And me? It’s hard not to second guess and start worrying about what you’ve written. It’s done. So why am I hanging around? It’s the draw of the festival, you want to be part of the atmosphere and general bon homie. I descend into a hyper loon during this festival and it’s due to the approach of throwing yourself into just creating and making for the joy of making and creating.

Something special happens during this festival and I make no apologies for being uncharacteristically WOO HOO! It is an American born festival and that seems to seep through and give it that energy and spirit. Come and see for yourself – go big or go home.

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