Bird’s Eye View

This is my 4th 14/48 and the first one I haven’t acted in. I don’t really have a specific role this time around so that I can dive off and take care of my 10 week old daughter if Nan and Pop are struggling (which they won’t be!)
This leaves me in the very privileged position of being able to sample each of the rehearsal processes in action rather than being confined to 1 room, 1 director, 1 cast and 1 play for the day. It’s fascinating to see how different teams are approaching the process of their writers interpretation of the Seven Deadly Sins theme. Some directors have got the whole thing blocked by the time the play is cast, others are working it through as they go along. It’s only 12.30pm and 1 cast have been left to their own devices to learn their lines already!
It’s also great to see relationships develop between participants and to wonder what fantastic opportunities and projects may be discovered as a result of newly formed partnerships. So much work has been developed since the festival in May 2013 as a direct result of artist taking part in the festival. What will the next year hold?
But first, what will the next 24 hours hold?!!!
I can’t wait to see the plays in action this evening.
Still wish I was acting though! It’s hard to shake the bug once you’ve caught it.


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