March 2014 Artist Roster!

It’s here! Our list of Artists for the March Festival is looking sweet, and we are delighted to announce a fantastic array of Veteran and Virgin Artists… Don’t forget to book your tickets!

Stuart Reid
Emma Bamford
Ishi Kahn-Jackson
Vanessa Summers
Lawrence Ward
Kirsty Munro
Jessica Richards*
Neil May*
Charlotte Bond*
Lucina Flood*
Hannah Abbott*
Richard Holmes*
Elaine Pantling*
Lewis Fernandez*
Megan Ahiers
Shawn Belyea
Will Breden*
Stuart Bryan*
Georgina Elsom*
Edward Spence*
Lily Portman*
Allan Smith
Jason Lock*
Sareena Rai*
Richard Jaques
Bob Christer*
Lindsey Warnes Carroll
Rebecca Hooper
Mark Jardine*
Andy McWilliam*
Neil Reading*
John Kitchen*
Roy McFarlane*
Alison Dunne
Michael O’Hara*
Dave Parkin*
Nathan Human*
Jayne Lewis
Doug Deans
Steve Escott*
Tim Beaver*
Marcus Joseph*
Rishii Chowdhury*
Haydan Johnson*
Gemma Hextall*Designers
Daisy Edwards
Lucia Masundire*
Eden Lorinson*
Lucy Stephens*
Jennifer Smith*
John Kirby*
Angel Puljung*Virgin (Taking part in this discipline for the first time in this festival)

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