That was not the end….!

When Amy first told me about 14/48 Seattle I felt a pang of excitement merely at the concept and now nearly 4yrs later I can’t stop talking about it!

What an amazing experience it has been! From the moment Amy returned from Seattle at the beginning of this year and filled me in on all the amazing people, plays and atmosphere that surrounds the festival, I knew that not only did we have a very busy time ahead of us, but we also had the opportunity to bring something so new and exciting to Leicester that for every ounce of effort that we put in to it, we would reap the rewards tenfold, and I am so pleased to say that I was by no means wrong.

When I started to see each of the Artists walking in to the theatre on Thursday night for the launch I was so delighted that all the hours of hard work on everyones part had paid off.

Having the opportunity to work with so many fabulous people and witness the creativity, support and passion of each of them has been inspiring. 

The final product of all this cooperative work has also shown me not only how much talent Leicester and the Midlands has to offer but also how high the quality and standard of that creativity can be, even with such little time, and how much our Artists enjoy working together given the opportunity.

This is all why I say that this is not the end, but merely the beginning.  The beginning of much more collaboration and creative networks within Leicester and certainly just the start of what I hope will be a long standing relationship between The Y Theatre and 14/48 ‘The quickest theatre festival in the world’!

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