Thoughts from the first day

Our second day of the first ever 14/48 Leicester Festival is just beginning, so I thought I’d share some thoughts and observations from yesterday.
Seven fantastic plays were produced, pineapples exploded, vegetarians were put on trial for falling off the wagon, road kill was consumed and all in the name of art….
Speaking of the pineapple, I think one of my favourite quotes of the day comes from Daisy, one of our design / stage hand team, with the quote “If that pineapple doesn’t explode…. I’m going to kill myself!”
Some great connections have been made within the creative community of Leicester, I’ve seen writers, directors, performers all swapping contacts, as well as photographers and printers making connections, and hopefully this festival will be the sparking point for many new collaborations. Nathan Human, directing in the festival, was commenting on this potential yesterday, speaking of the thriving theatre scene in cities like Manchester, and hoping that this festival will be a piece of the cultural picture of Leicester that really demonstrates the talent in the area.
Anyway, those are my thoughts for the moment, and again I’m looking forward to finding out who I’ll be working with today, hopefully on a piece that is slightly kinder to my throat than yesterday’s scream fest!
I’ll leave you with one more quote from Mike Brown, performer…
“Why can’t we do this every weekend?!?!”

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