An actor prepares…

Scripts are in, printed and being put into envelopes ready to be drawn at random by directors. Actors aren’t officially called until 9.45am, but I’m here early hoping to lend a hand with any of this mornings preparations… and because you couldn’t drag me away from here if you tried!

Soon The Y will be buzzing with seven new plays being rehearsed within its walls, (as well as in the Phoenix building just across town, thanks for the support!)
Who knows what this actor will be doing or saying at 8pm tonight? I’m full of intrigue at what the sleepless brains of our writers will have produced for the theme of Dangerous Cravings, and can’t wait to see the results.

Becci Hooper, one of the directors has just arrived, and soon will be drawing her script for tonight’s performances.

Let’s make some plays!

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