14/48, 14 plays to be written, rehearsed, directed and performed in 48 hours.

Just before 7.30 this evening I was at The Y Theatre ready to snoop for blogging, I was given a card with my name on, as was everybody who was supposed to be there! I watched the theatre quite quickly fill up lively excited people! We all put a theme suggestion for tomorrows plays into a quality street tin. We then all took our seats to listen to the humorous American voice of experiences explain what was going to be happening in the next few days with 1448. We each in turn stood to introduce ourselves, It was all very relaxed and laid back and the introduction to the keg of beer received the biggest applause 😉 The Theme was then picked out of the tin and is – Dangerous cravings! Ooooo!

Then all 7 of the writers went onto the stage to pick an envelope that told them which position in the line up their play would be and how many actor’s and of what gender they will be for the first 2 performances tomorrow evening, the first being at 8pm the second at 10pm. Im looking forward to watching the process progress.


Photo – The Writers on stage, and the back of a few peoples heads.

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